'Tis the Season

By Jeremy Kittel

'Tis the Season

Hello friends,

Happy Thanksgiving! Hoping this finds you cozy and healthy.

I'm very grateful to be staying busy recording, writing, and teaching from home these days, but certainly looking forward to performing again too. Here’s a little dose of Kittel & Co., covering Tom Petty’s “Time to Move On” at a show last fall:

If you're starting to look for gifts, we just so happen to have a Holiday Sale for you running from today through December 10th! You can use this discount code for everything in my store:
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Use code: TistheSeason at checkout, or click the link below to automatically apply the discount to your order.
Looking ahead to the new year: fellow string players! I'll be teaching workshops from January 7-10th for a special online edition of “Strings Without Boundaries." I’ll be teaching a dozen classes along with a great faculty over four days on a range of topics (see below). The classes are are a-la-carte, so you can attend as few or as many classes as you like. It would genuinely be great to see you there! 🙂  Info at:


Speaking of teaching, I’m enjoying teaching lessons online these days, and I’m now accepting a few additional students. I really love helping people make concrete progress towards their musical dreams/goals. You can also gift lessons to loved ones for the holidays if you'd like. Feel free to reach out at info@jeremykittel.com for more info and a free 15-minute consult on reaching your musical goals.

String players, this newsletter is apparently for you! The spring cleaning continues: my old 90's violin sold quickly, and now I’m selling a couple good bows that have also been sitting in the closet since then: a John Brasil bow I played in high school (asking $400 OBO) and a Lothar Seifert bow that I played on my very first album, Celtic Fiddle (2000) (asking $1800 OBO). I’ve been getting them back out and playing them, and I think they’re priced well for the quality and resell value.

Finally, friends, I wanted to mention that I'm taking commissions: if you’d like to support the creation of new music, and/or you would like to commission some music in honor of a particular person or use - I have my quill pen at the ready (well, ok, my ergonomic trackball) - so feel free to reach out to me directly at info@jeremykittel.com to explore.

Stay cozy and safe everyone! All my best from beautiful NYC. 🗽 🌆 🍂