Jeremy Checks In: August 2020

By Jeremy Kittel

Jeremy Checks In: August 2020

Howdy all,
Hope this finds you well! It’s been many months since the last newsletter, so I thought I’d send an update here from Kittel-land. 
Like so many musicians, this has largely been my M.O. the last several months.

Instruments in hand, headphones on head, computer and mic at the ol’ fingertips. I miss the magic of flesh-&-blood-&-spirit live performance, but until we can responsibly do that again, it’s been meaningful to be able to participate in a variety of projects and collaborations...

...Like this rendition of “Bright Morning Stars” feat. my friend Jonathan Seale (AKA Son of Cloud): 

...And this version of “Good Luck” by the Live From Here team:

As many of you are aware, Live From Here was unfortunately cancelled due to the extended covid shutdown. I’m so sorry to see this institution go, but so deeply grateful to have played a small part in the magic of this amazing show.

Back at the start of the shutdown in March, I enjoyed recording strings on this gorgeously moving song by Rett Madison, produced by Theo Katzman, which is now out: 

And amid all of our physical separation from one another, it’s been great to see and be part of communities finding ways to connect meaningfully, like my dear friends in the fiddle community HERE

And the Co., you ask? Everyone’s doing well; Josh, Quinn, Simon, Ethan, and I are scattered across the country, but we’ve been working together remotely on a huge, very exciting project (more soon!). We’re also making (tentative) plans for touring in 2021.

Spring cleaning went into overdrive this year, and I'm finally selling the fiddle (pictured above) that I played when I was a teenager. I even used it on my very first album, "Celtic Fiddle," that I recorded when I was but a wee lad of fifteen. It's been sitting in the closet for far too long, and I'd love for it to be played by someone. Send an email to if you're interested!

On a broader note, I sincerely hope everyone’s staying cool in the summer heat, staying safe, trying to stay thoughtfully engaged and proactive as a citizen, and working towards a better future for our society in this uniquely challenging time.

All my best!