Music Production

Grammy-nominated composer Jeremy Kittel offers clients a number of music production services, most notably including strings arranging and recording. Based in NYC, Jeremy enjoys recording both remotely at his home studio and in recording studios around the world, and he likes to give each song / project the same level of care that he gives to his own original music. 

"Every project I have had the honor to work on with Jeremy, he has lifted the songs so far beyond what they were when they came to him. His arrangements have details that I continue to discover months, even years after completing the project. Jeremy has an insane work ethic and attention to detail without losing sight of the big picture. And he can play the daylights out of a violin and viola!" - Tucker Martine, (Named one “10 Best Producers of the Decade” - Paste Magazine)

Full tracks list:

  1. Bullfrogs Croon (And Other Songs) — Aoife O’Donovan (2020) — Arranger / Producer / Co-Composer / Performer
  2. Crack-up — Fleet Foxes (2017) — Performer
  3. Sun Song — Laura Veirs (2013) — Strings Arranger / Performer / Recording
  4. Circuital — My Morning Jacket (2011) — Strings Performer, Arranger
  5. Chrysalis — Kittel & Co. (2018) — Composer, Arranger, Performer
  6. Inland — Jars of Clay (2013) — Strings Arranger, Performer, Recording
  7. Purpose — Madelyn Grant (2021) — Strings Arranger, Performer
  8. Going Home — Yo-Yo Ma, Silk Road Ensemble Feat. Abigail Washburn (2016) — Arranger
  9. Caracol — Making Movies (Coming Soon) — Strings Arranger, Performer, Recording
  10. Like a Woman Scorned — Theo Katzman (2019) — Strings Arranger, Performer
  11. Desire Lines — Camera Obscura (2013) — Strings Arranger, Performer, Recording
  12. Preludio — Kittel & Co. (2018) — Arranger, Performer, Co-Producer

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