“Hey Joe” Digital Sheet Music (String Quartet)

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Downloadable PDF of "Hey Joe".
From Jeremy:
"This is my string quartet arrangement of “Hey Joe,” (á la the great legend Jimi Hendrix), which I originally arranged for the Grammy-winning Turtle Island Quartet when I was a full-time member (violist) in my mid-20’s. :-) This arrangement has proven to be popular with audiences, and I get requests for the sheet music fairly often, so, at long last, here it is! 
Please note that although I have enhanced the chart to make it friendlier to most string quartets, this is still arranged for an improvising string quartet, so some improvisation over chord changes is required by all four members. If your string quartet doesn’t improvise solos at all, you may still wish to use this chart and learn the solos from the album recording by ear (just a suggestion for non- or beginning-improvisers). Similarly, some rhythmic "chopping" technique and chordal improvisation playing is also required. 
Feel free to check out the videos below for inspiration. I hope you enjoy playing this arrangement!" -Jeremy
Includes the following parts:
Violin 1
Violin 2