Kittel & Co. Livestream


Hi friends,

I’m delighted to invite you to a special Kittel & Co. livestream event on Saturday, December 17th! On our fall tour, we reached some new heights and had some of our most favorite shows of all time. 🤯🎶⚡️ Fortunately, we made the effort to capture multi-cam video and multitrack audio of all the shows so that we could share with all of you. Since the tour, we’ve been hard at work choosing some of the best moments and editing video and audio together, and now we’re excited to invite you to participate in the livestream on Saturday, December 17th! ‘Twill be a grand time. Be sure to grab a favorite bevy / friend and join us! 

Saturday, December 17th
8:30 PM ET / 5:30 PM PT
Suggested donation is $25


Please note: tickets are not required to access the livestream. Those who can’t afford the suggested donation, please join us anyway free of charge. Those who can afford it; thank you so much for your support!